Project: Audi Chingford

    Client: Horizon Construction Ltd

    Location: Chingford, London, E4

    Works: Strip out & demolition

    Value: Phase 1 £125,000 Phase 2 £155,000

    Programme: Phase 1 November 2021 to January 2022 and Phase 2 November 2023 to January 2024

    Work content:
    Strip out and demolition. Car sales building, associated workshops, valet buildings including demolition, slabs and foundations up.

    This project was carried out in two phases and included the strip out and demolition of car sales showrooms, associated servicing facility and various other smaller buildings. Careful cutting of roof sheets and take down of walls where adjoining retained elements between Phases 1 and 2 was required. Working around retained services was carried out successfully with close co-operation between our site supervision and the principle contractor. Foundations and the concrete slabs to the buildings and the surrounding concrete slabs to the car parks and access roads were also grubbed up and the concrete and hardcore crushed and stockpiled on site. The discovery of additional below ground slabs was dealt with swiftly, minimising the impact on the overall contract.

    Specialist equipment was used to break up bonded quarry tiles where the concrete slab was retained, another time saving technic, with significant noise and dust reduction benefits.

    Specific attention and care was taken in working within the main contractor and client’s regimes as the site was open for business throughout the works.

    Project: Former Ford European Head Office

    Client: Land Charter Homes Group

    Location: Warley, Brentwood, Essex.

    Works: Strip out & demolition

    Value: £2m

    Programme: Site start January 2020 anticipated completion summer 2021

    Work content:

    • Office block approximately 30,000m2
    • Furniture removal and strip out back to structure
    • Asbestos removal including floor planing
    • Plant removal from Sub-basement to Roof
    • Escalator & lift removal
    • Structural demolition
    • Window & glass cladding removal
    The former Ford European Head Office site having been a major employer in south Essex is under re-development that includes the conversion by Land Charter Homes Group of the substantial office areas into approximately 350 no. apartments and associated amenities.

    To cope with the vast quantity of strip out and demolition arisings HDR installed a large external rubbish chute that deposited to a protected segregated area in the former ground floor level car park . The strip out and demolition was carefully co-ordinated to ensure that like materials types were removed in sequence. This ensured that arisings were segregated and deposited to the chute in a steady flow to HDR’s own 20 to 40 yard waste bins for removal to various recycling centres or waste disposal.

    HDR mechanised plant was utilized where possible to maximize production. This included a 21Tonne 360 machine with swivel grapple for loading from the chute area to roll on off bins, 360 excavators from 1T to 8T for breaking out, dumpers and skid steer loaders.

    A 50m 18 tonne lifting capacity mobile crane was hired in on a contract lift basis to remove two large air handling units from the roof.

    Project: Finchley Police Station Head Quarters

    Client: Aitch Group

    Location: Finchley, North London.

    Works: Demolition of office building

    Order Value: £160,000

    Programme:  November 2019

    Work content:

    • Full demolition of building
    • Crush, brick and concrete arisings and stockpile on site.
    This 3 storey concrete framed build was fully scaffolded for protection of the surrounding road and buildings and soft stripped.

    360 degree excavators fitted with Pulverisor attachments progressively munched the building down and the scaffolding was adapted accordingly.

    Full dust control was in place through out the process.

    All concrete was crushed and stockpiled on site.

    Project: Brighton College Theatre. Demolition and Enabling Works.

    Client: Gilbert-Ash Ltd.

    Location: Brighton College, Eastern Rd, Brighton.

    Works: Demolition and bulk excavation

    Order Value: £386,277

    Programme: Site start February 2022 completion May 2022

    Work content:

    • Demolition of former Arts, Science, Classroom and Canteen buildings and 5000m3 bulk excavation to basement for new Theatre building.
    • Concrete and masonry arisings crushed to 6F2 on site and stockpiled for use by others.
    • All work carried out adjacent to / adjoining existing new and listed school buildings during term times.
    • Protection measures to existing buildings.
    • Construction of temporary haul road

    Additional works:
    Assist Main Contractor with temporary site accommodation enabling works and installation.

    Project: Shops & 3 storey building over

    Client: Glenny

    Location: Woodford

    Works: Demolition of building

    Order Value: £120,000

    Programme: November 2021

    Work content:

    • Full demolition of building
    • Complete demolition scaffold
    • Erect flying shores
    • Weather proof party walls
    A terraced shop with 3 stories of living accommodation above, the building was fully scaffolded to suit demolition by hand.

    A gantry was also erected across the pavement to enable disposal of arisings to our waste bins.

    The reduction of the building was co-ordinated with the scaffold contractor to enable their erection of flying shores between the adjoining party walls as the building was demolished.

    On completion we also erected weather protection on the party walls. The site was redeveloped for new shops and flats.

    Project: Petrol Station Highgate

    Client: Jomas Associates

    Location: Highgate, North London.

    Works: Removal of below ground fuel tanks and remediation

    Order Value: £65,000

    Programme: August to September 2019

    Work content:

    • Break up concrete slabs and dispose off site
    • Drain down and clean tanks, dispose of liquid off site by specialist.
    • Cold cut and remove tanks.
    • Backfill voids in ground with specified imported material.
    This High Street petrol station required the removal of the concrete slabs and the emptying and cleaning of the below ground fuel tanks. Using the specified imported fill, the voids in the ground were back filled and compacted in accordance with the remediation consultant’s specification.

    The site was left clean and level to the remediation consultant’s satisfaction.

    Project: Demolition of old Wholesale Trader blocks and storage facilities NCGM

    Client: Vinci Construction UK

    Location: New Covent Garden, Nine Elms, London

    Works: Demolition

    Value: £147,000.00

    Programme: Site start October 2022 completion December 2022

    Work content:

    • Remove high level sheet roof and wall cladding
    • Take down roof mounted lighting masts
    • Remove metal roof trusses and steel frame
    • Saw cut and demolish concrete suspended slabs and associated masonry walls and metal staircases.
    • Temporary propping
    • Break out and remove concrete plinths
    • Protect retained below slab services and drainage
    The former New Covent Garden wholesale flower and fruit and vegetable market has been an iconic landmark in London for many years and is under-going a total re-configuration that includes the demolition of the existing Trader Blocks and building of new blocks on the site.

    The overall project is being carried out by Vinci Construction UK.

    The overall market site was occupied during the works, therefore requiring strict adherence to logistical regimes. Control of dust and vibration were also a serious consideration and methods of work were implemented to significantly reduce the impact.

    Temporary propping and saw cutting of concrete was implemented to separate retained structures from the demolition elements.

    Arisings were carefully segregated for recycling and disposal off site.

    The project was completed to the client’s satisfaction meting all targets.